5G Delay in Indonesia Seen as an Opportunity for Mature Technology Adoption


The widespread deployment of 5G networks has yet to materialize in Indonesia. However, according to Sarwoto Atmosutarno, the Chairman of Mastel, this delay is considered advantageous.

He asserts that the absence of 5G networks presents an opportunity for Indonesia to adopt more mature technology. "For us who have not yet transitioned to 5G, it's actually an opportunity. We can adopt technology that is much more mature than the 5G technology adopted four or five years ago, which was not yet mature," said Sarwoto during a meeting at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology office in Jakarta on Thursday (March 21, 2024).

This delay also provides an opportunity for businesses. Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of the task force in determining the form of 5G incentives for operators, continuously listening to the voices of all stakeholders involved in deploying 5G.

Regarding 5G incentives, they have not yet been finalized, as the 5G ecosystem differs from that of 4G. "Yes, that's why the task force hasn't finished yet. So, what I mean is, it goes back to the basic business plan. Because 5G is very different from 4G. The business environment is different," Sarwoto explained.

"So, this is still ongoing, but if you talk about it until October, let's see," he added.

The use cases for 5G are not limited to mobile broadband but also extend to IoT and other robotics industries. "There are terms like use cases, standalone, and currently, there is convergence from low band, middle band, high band, which represents the maturity of 5G development," he stated.

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