Apple's Vision Pro to Make Its Debut in China Amidst Declining iPhone Sales

China is poised to become the next country to experience the Vision Pro, a headset priced at Rp 55 million, touted as the potential successor to the iPhone. This revelation was made by China's state media CCTV, citing Apple CEO Tim Cook's remarks at the China Development Forum in Beijing recently.

Apple also intends to continue its operations in China amidst sluggish iPhone sales since late 2023 due to stiff competition from local players such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Tim Cook ensured that Apple would continue investing in research and development in China, as quoted by Reuters on Monday (3/25/2024).

The arrival of Vision Pro in China marks a strategic move by Apple following the disappointing sales performance of the iPhone 15. In the first 6 weeks of this year, sales of the new iPhone plummeted sharply in the country by 24%.

Analysts predict that this poor performance is likely to persist until the end of 2024.

Meanwhile, Vision Pro was officially launched in the United States in early February. The device shook up the market as the most expensive among its competitors.

Apple sells it for US$3,499 (Rp 54.7 million) per unit. To purchase the entire comprehensive package, consumers must fork out US$4,500 (Rp 70.4 million).

Despite being relatively expensive, Vision Pro offers an elevated viewing and user experience. For example, it features both 2D and 3D formats within its platform.

Several films will be available in 3D format. Additionally, popular streaming applications such as TikTok, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Discovery+, and MUBI are pre-installed on the device.

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