Exploring the Rising Trend of Overlanding: A Journey with the Marlia Yossie Family

Overlanding, a form of long-distance land travel using vehicles to explore the great outdoors, has been gaining popularity among Indonesians. One family's adventure stands out as a testament to the allure of overlanding – the Marlia Yossie family's journey from Depok City, West Java, to Pakkodian Beach, North Sumatra, nestled along the shores of Lake Toba.

Yossie, 47, recounted the exhilarating yet tense experience of driving their Land Rover on winding, steep roads to Pakkodian Beach, particularly daunting as it was undertaken at night. Fears of encountering highway robbers and ghosts were momentarily eclipsed by the breathtaking sunrise awaiting them at their destination.

Yossie's passion for overlanding dates back to 2010, initially exploring areas in West Java like Ujung Genteng Beach. Transitioning to long-distance overlanding in 2013, she embraced the combination of light off-roading and camping, a hallmark of overland adventures.

Often dubbed "sultan camping," overlanding typically involves 4x4 vehicles like Mitsubishi Pajero or Land Rover. However, Yossie emphasizes that overlanding can be pursued with more affordable options like Low-Cost Green Car (LCGC) models such as Daihatsu Xenia or Toyota Agya.

The cost of overlanding varies based on factors like distance and fuel consumption. Yossie attests to cost-saving measures like self-cooking meals and opting for tent camping over homestays, providing flexibility and affordability in travel.

The surge in overlanding's popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic saw many Indonesians embracing outdoor adventures, including motocamping with motorcycles.

While overlanding offers unique experiences and the freedom to explore remote locales, challenges like long drives, remote accommodations, and rising fuel prices persist. Yet, the allure of discovering hidden gems like Jelenga Beach in West Sumbawa continues to captivate adventurers like Yossie.

Critical to a successful overlanding journey is the vehicle's engine condition, emphasizing the need for proper maintenance and, if necessary, traveling with a mechanic, especially for older vehicles.

Director of Product Strategy Division at PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales (MMKSI), Hikaru Mii, sheds light on vehicle suitability for overlanding, highlighting the Mitsubishi Xforce's capabilities for moderate off-roading adventures.

Equipped with features like multiple drive modes and a robust suspension system, the Xforce offers a balance of performance and comfort for long journeys. Its high ground clearance and optimized approach and departure angles ensure confidence on diverse terrains.

In conclusion, the Yossie family's overlanding odyssey exemplifies the growing fascination with exploring Indonesia's natural wonders through vehicle-based adventures. As the popularity of overlanding continues to rise, enthusiasts like Yossie inspire others to embark on unforgettable journeys of discovery and adventure.

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