Meta's Vision Pro: Revitalizing the Metaverse Business Amidst Stagnation

Despite being produced by its competitor, Mark Zuckerberg believes that Vision Pro can provide a positive boost to Meta's business, especially in the VR headset realm. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday (January 30, 2024), Meta hopes that the launch of Vision Pro can rejuvenate their metaverse business, which is currently experiencing stagnation, and attract more consumers.

In the report, it is mentioned that Meta executives, including Zuckerberg, are optimistic about the potential of Vision Pro. The headset made by Apple is seen as a major driver for the headset category and supports Meta's strategy in developing the metaverse business.

"Meta employees view Quest and its software ecosystem as the primary alternative to Apple's devices in the metaverse realm, playing a similar role to Google's Android in the smartphone realm," wrote The Wall Street Journal in its report.

Meta has significantly increased its focus on mixed reality, where users can see virtual images integrated with images of their surrounding environment. This represents a shift from its previous vision that emphasized building the metaverse, a concept where people "live" in a virtual reality world.

Despite Meta's shift in focus towards AI, especially with its plans to acquire hundreds of thousands of Nvidia GPUs, the company continues to strive to advance its metaverse business through the launch of Vision Pro. Mark Zuckerberg stated that the AI research team would be merged with the generative AI team to strengthen Meta's infrastructure.

With this move, Meta hopes to refresh its metaverse business and make Vision Pro one of the top choices in the VR headset market. Despite the ongoing competition with Apple, Meta is optimistic about maintaining its position and dominating the metaverse realm with its latest innovations.

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